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The benefits of owning an aluminum yacht are many. lf you want to combine performance, quality and exclusiveness, aluminum is the best choice of material. Aluminum is lighter than fiberglass, it has higher impact resistance and a longer lifespan, it is recyclable and customizable. The latter is an important advantage if you want to modify parts of the yacht and its layout to suit your wishes.

One of the biggest benefits of building an aluminum yacht is the performance output. Aluminum yachts are 30-40% lighter than fiberglass yachts of similar size. Due to their lower weight, aluminum yachts move through the water more easily, making them faster and more efficient.

Aluminum yachts are much easier to repair than fiberglass yachts. Dents can often be pounded out with a hammer and, if necessary, sections of a plate can be cut out and replaced.

Aluminum is a strong material. lf you need a yacht that can withstand harsh conditions with ease, aluminum is your best option. Compared to fiberglass, aluminum yachts can resist heavier impacts. Where fiberglass will break, aluminum will merely bend.

Most maintenance work on aluminum requires rinsing and scrubbing the yacht. A fiberglass yacht requires waxing and polishing of the fiberglass gelcoat.

Aluminum yachts have a longer lifespan. With minimal maintenance, an aluminum yacht can easily offer thirty to forty years of pleasure.

In terms of both energy requirements and costs, aluminum is an attractive metal for recycling because it is 100% recyclable. The manufacturing process of aluminum is also more environmentally friendly than that of fiberglass. Lastly, because aluminum requires less maintenance, is less secondary pollution.

The final – and perhaps biggest – benefit of an aluminum yacht compared to a fiberglass yacht is its extensive customizability. Aluminum yachts are more customizable than fiberglass yachts. This is because fiberglass hulls are made using molds, which means the shapes and features are standard and predetermined.

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