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Thibeau Swerts’ experience on board the AZUR 45 

As the winner of the Instagram promotion offered in collaboration with On That Ass, Thibeau Swerts and his girlfriend, brother and sister-in-law got to go on a private cruise along the Côte d’Azur on board the AZUR 45 from Bekkers Yachts. Thibeau Swerts is a professional show jumper from Belgium. The group got on board in the marina of Nice and charted a course for Cannes. Along the way, they made several stops to soak in the incredible views and go for a refreshing swim. In Cannes, they enjoyed a delicious lunch at Restaurant La Guérite.


“We had seen some pictures of the AZUR 45 online before our trip, but when we got to the marina, our expectations were easily exceeded,” Thibeau says. “The boat has a gorgeous exterior in an eye-catching color, with orange lines and stainless-steel accents. The finish is highly refined and no detail has been overlooked. The design offers optimal comfort to everyone on board. We were amazed by the spacious interior with two bedrooms, a shower cabin and plenty of storage space. It is a very luxurious yacht.”
Thibeau was particularly impressed by the steering cabin under the hard top. “The design of the wheel is truly innovative. To me, it looks quite similar to what you will find in an F1 race car. The touchscreen and the intuitive operation of the controls for moving left and right are evidence of the yacht’s advanced technology.”


When he travels, Thibeau loves nothing more than being out on the water. “When we go on holiday, we often charter a boat. It gives you a certain degree of freedom and is a great way to travel from city to city. We like to dock in unique places and love water-based activities, such as riding jet skis. The AZUR 45 is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I think the aluminum construction automatically attracts a certain audience, especially given the extensive personalization options and the different sizes that you can choose from for your yacht. Looking at my own sport, I know how important it is to customize my saddles to suit my exact wishes. That makes things all the more interesting. Despite the fact that Bekkers Yachts is a new player on the market, they are definitely not the underdog. The yacht offers an exceptionally high level of quality with lovely sitting areas and it is well maintained. Everything is just perfect.”


“Whether you like to take things slow or love a bit of speed, the performance of the AZUR 45 was impressive. However fast we went, we were always able to sit comfortably and move freely between the upper and the lower level. Our glasses were always stable and never fell over. I even spent some time on the stern with my feet in the water, which wasn’t dangerous at all. That really tells you something about the yacht’s stability.”

Once in a lifetime

“I want to praise the Bekkers Yachts team for their exceptional service, professionalism and dedication. We had a truly unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience on the water.”


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