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Our smart control yachting system puts you in control

All Bekkers Yachts come equipped with our Smart Control Yachting System. This system gives you complete control over your yacht at the press of a button. Wherever you are in the world, you can control your yacht’s systems remotely via your smartphone for more comfort and convenience and a better overall on-board experience.

Our integrated smart control yachting system lets you control and operate a wide range of functions and equipment, inclusing the air conditioning, gyro stabilizer, generator, anchor system, blinds, exterior and interior lights, fridge, ice maker and audio system.

Smart control yachting system


Smart control of the lighting, heating and cooling systems lets you optimize your yacht’s energy consumption, thereby minimizing energy waste and allowing for longer sailing times.


With a single command, you can easily adjust the lighting level and temperature to change the atmosphere and mood on board. The routes and settings used on recent trips are stored in the system and can be instantly retrieved for future trips.


As the system can be operated remotely, you can be eating a delicious lunch on land while checking your yacht’s anchor position and fuel level or activating the air conditioning, music and gyro stabilizer before you step on board.


With GPS tracking, you can check your yacht’s position at any time. The integrated security measures can be operated remotely, so you can keep an eye on your yacht even when you are not on board. If anything should happen, an alert will immediately be sent to your smartphone.


The system provides real-time information and notifications about the status of various components, such as engine performance, fuel level, battery charge, fresh-water supply and more. This proactive approach gives you peace of mind while out on the water and helps to identify problems at an early stage to prevent possible malfunctions and avoid costly repairs.

Our Smart Control Yachting System guarantees an even safer and more enjoyable experience on board your Bekkers Yacht!

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