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Designed for Safety and Comfort

Interview with Menno van Dijk, Naval Architect at Studio Delta

Translating the AZUR 45’s yacht design into a technical design that covers such elements as speed, comfort, safety and power. That is what Menno van Dijk, Naval Architect at Studio Delta, brought to the table. Studio Delta has over twenty-five years of experience in shipbuilding. Studio Delta is all about meeting and then exceeding clients’ expectations. With an integral approach that includes various analyses, feasibility studies and specialized substantive knowledge, Studio Delta’s engineers make sure the boat can achieve its intended cruise speed without compromising the boat’s safety or affecting the designer’s concept. “In everything we do, we strive to strike a balance between the boat’s speed and its seaworthiness,” Menno van Dijk explains.

Pushing Bounderies

The AZUR 45 exceeds the standards of day boats that are currently available on the market. “In the AZUR 45, the distinctive quality and the unprecedented level of comfort are
incorporated into every detail,” Menno says. Safety is always a top priority. While designing the AZUR 45’s hull, special attention was paid to make sure it offers comfortable and safe sailing experience at all time, even in extreme weather such as higher waves. ‘’The angle of the hull is designed to offer optimal comfort to those on board without compromising the yacht’s speed, ‘’Menno explains.

Designed for Optimal Space

When boarding the AZUR 45, one of the first thing you will notice is just how spacious the yacht is – both inside and out on deck. Throughout Studio Delta’s entire design process, creating optimal space in the design was a key area of focus. ‘’The AZUR 45 is a fully featured yacht with various components. The drive and innovative ideas of the Bekkers Yachts team resulted in a very intensive and pleasant partnership. Together, we were able to translate Bekkers Yachts’ philosophy into an amazing final product.’’

“Our engineers worked hard to put everything in its proper place without compromising the space available on board or the yacht’s speed.”
– Menno van Dijk

Growing up on Ships

With a father who sailed at sea and a childhood spent in Vlissingen, Menno’s fascination with ships and shipbuilding began at an early age. Studying to become a shipbuilding engineer was therefore a logical move. Menno has been running Studio Delta for the last twenty-four years. What he loves most about his line of work? ‘’When a boat you designed not only exceeds the yard’s and the client’s expectations, but even your own. The launch is the first time you can see for yourself how a yacht moves through the water. Water is an uncontrollable element and it is incredible to see a boat do in real life what it was designed to do on paper.’’

We are happy to show you the AZUR 45HT in person during the Cannes Yachting Festival. Click here fill out the form and we will contact you for free entrance including our VIP-transport service to the Cannes Yachting Festival and a private viewing.

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