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It does not go unnoticed that Bekkers Yachts is raising the standard when it comes to weekender yachts and day boats. Bekkers Yachts is therefore pleased to announce the construction of the CARIB 62. As the AZUR 45’s big sister, it will be recognizable by its elegant lines and high-gloss stainless steel signature.


“With the CARIB 62, we are launching a great model onto the market. A conscious decision,” Leon Bekkers explains. “Our philosophy of exclusivity, perfection and a zero-compromise attitude certainly applies to the 50- to 70-foot yacht segment as well. We see opportunities for change in this range.”

“Adjusting the design to a second, larger version of the AZUR 45 is a logical step as the comfort and quality evoked by the AZUR 45 translates seamlessly to larger models,” designer René van der Velden adds. Like the AZUR 45, superyacht designer René van der Velden will also design the CARIB 62.

It is a great compliment to Bekkers Yachts that the AZUR 45 has been so well received. “The incredibly high level of quality of our limited yachts has been noticed. We cater to the true enthusiasts. Those who embrace our philosophy and want to stand out with a spectacular design when arriving at the harbor.” With the CARIB 62, the Bekkers Yachts team is building on the solid foundation laid with the AZUR 45. “Our team is dedicated throughout the process, from design to delivery and beyond. Because our experts have proven their expertise when it comes to the construction of superyachts, the CARIB 62 is characterized by the highest quality carried through to the smallest details. Top-notch Dutch craftsmanship,” Leon says.

The CARIB 62 features a minimum of three luxury bedrooms with bathrooms and an optional crew cabin. Additional seating is created on the bow. René: “Although the CARIB 62 overwhelmingly shares its style with the 45, the additional guest cabin windows immediately distinguishes it from its smaller sister as this detail further emphasizes the ship’s cool appeal.”

Like the AZUR 45, the CARIB 62 is a smart yacht. “With their cell phone, our clients can control all systems on board. From the anchor system to the lights, and the battery status to the air conditioning,” Leon explains. “Furthermore, the hydraulic swim platform folds in and out automatically. The tender garage ensures that all water sports toys are at hand but kept out of sight. Additionally, a lockable exterior lounge and crew area are among the possibilities.”

“The CARIB 62 will be a very special yacht that fits the very special needs of our clients. A true beauty,” Leon concludes.


Because Bekkers Yachts’ yachts are made of aluminum, there is a lot of room for customization. “Our client’s special wishes can usually be made reality. The length and width ratios remain guaranteed, which are crucial for maximum comfort and perfect performance. But besides those ratios, there are virtually no restrictions. We work from our vision and signature when it comes to yacht design and naval architecture.”

Work is currently underway on the stunning design, both inside and out, of the CARIB 62, for which different layouts are possible within the developed hull. “The design of the CARIB 62 is unique in its class. It combines the look and functionality of a day boat with accommodation that lends itself perfectly to longer trips,” says René.


Upon seeing the CARIB 62, the ocean of space will immediately catch your eye. “The CARIB 62 will be the most spacious yacht in its class. The extra space available is used to the fullest. This requires a lot of fitting and measuring by our strongly committed team of specialists and relies on our eye for detail. Our yard is always focused on creating something better.”

“The CARIB 62 will be the most spacious yacht in its class.”
– Leon Bekkers

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