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Captain’s view on the AZUR45

Interview with Captain Toni Kovac of AllDutch Yachting

The first AZUR 45 arrived in the Mediterranean in early May in preparation of the upcoming charter season. Under the expert guidance of Captain Toni Kovac of AllDutch Yachting, it has already made several unforgettable trips along the Côte d’Azur. Does the AZUR 45 live up to the expectations of Captain Toni Kovac?

Toni has extensive yachting experience on everything from a 100ft Moonen and a 70ft Mangusta to a 70ft sailing boat and a 121ft Benetti. Toni first moved into the charter business three years ago, when he joined the Monaco-based AllDutch Yachting. “I have not regretted my decision to start working as a Captain for a second,” Toni explains. “Whereas I used to be dedicated to a single type of yacht for an extended period of time, I now get to work on a different yacht with new guests every day. I really enjoy that variety. No two days are the same.”

First Impression

“I first saw the AZUR 45 sitting on the truck on the day it arrived in the marina. In a word: wow! A yacht often looks bigger when it’s sitting on a truck, but the AZUR maintains its majestic appearance on the water as well. The yacht’s design and its lines are truly fantastic. The AZUR is a real eye-catcher in the marina!”

Fit for purpose

Toni explains that its characteristics are what truly make the AZUR 45 fit for purpose. “On the day it arrived here, I immediately took the yacht out for a sea trial. It was a windy day, but the yacht’s seaworthiness was evident. This type of hull and the weight of the boat make approaching the waves

“As soon as you get on board, you will see for yourself that this yacht is more luxurious than other yachts in its class.
– Toni Kovac

a very smooth and comfortable experience. My experience with other day boats and weekender yachts is that the splash is going all around. However, the AZUR’s hard top keeps you dry. The weather along the Côte d’Azur has been changeable of late in terms of rain and temperature. No matter the conditions, our guests can relax and enjoy themselves in the spacious covered lounge area. To me, that is one of the major benefits of this yacht. I can tell that a lot of time was devoted to designing the hull. The use of aluminum truly sets this yacht apart from others, which are often made of plastic. I am also very excited about the Volvo IPS system. It makes it easy to maneuver the yacht around the marina. Simply put, the overall concept of this yacht is very good!”

Stunning design

The fact that the AZUR 45 catches people’s eye out on the water is clear from the reactions Toni gets when approaching the pier. “People stare with mouths agape. The Daytona Grey color scheme of this yacht appeals to many people and they love its shape. Before a charter, we always send a picture of the yacht to our guests so they can recognize the boat in the marina. When they climb on board, many guests tell us that the yacht ‘is even more beautiful live than I have seen on the picture’. This is exactly what our guests love!”

Touch of luxury

“As soon as you get on board, you will see for yourself that this yacht is more luxurious than other yachts in its class. The spacious rooms make you feel welcome and offer a feeling of freedom and safety,” Toni says. “The generator is quiet and the stabilizers allow you to enjoy the waves in optimal comfort.” Toni believes the AZUR 45 represents a true innovation. “The design is trending and you’re guaranteed to enjoy it for years to come. After all, that’s what you want when you buy a yacht. Your wife is sure to love it as well and tell you to ‘buy the boat.’ I believe some other brands will follow suit. The AZUR offers plenty of room for on-board entertainment. Our guests are amazed by how much room there is on the stern to swim and bask in the sun. The touch of luxury you get with this Bekkers yacht is very satisfying.”

Toni emphasizes the importance of good (after-sales) support, and he is very happy with his communication with Bekkers Yachts. “Bekkers Yachts is easy to reach and quick to respond if you have any questions or issues. Although that is what you expect when you buy a yacht, it is not always what you get in practice. Overall, it has been a great experience, and I enjoy building our long-term relationship.

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